Graphical Back-Office Management and Monitoring Tool

WEV is a collection of tools used to manage work over data to keep data environment consistent. The tools are designed to help both Neos Support team and Hotel/Operator Information Technology managers to access and alter required data over Neos Solution without a direct interaction with our background management system. These tools characterized with the following benefits:

  • Control access to data, based on user roles (privileges of manager or front desk)
  • Easy retrieval of data
  • Immediate updates
  • Friendly and familiar to Neos ITV Solution interface
A. Main Menu Management Tool

Main Menu tool enables a variety of functionalities as Override, Rename, restore, and order.

  • Override Feature: A multi-language function, applied per selected language. Gives the hotel/operator the possibility of adding required text. As for example, NEOSITV has a feature named “Guest Services”, the hotel/operator can override it with word “Operator Services”, “Our Services”, “Our New” etc... Once text is overridden, the hotel/operator user can alter added text either by rename option or double clicking text.
  • Restore Feature: A multi-language function, applied per selected language. Gives the hotel/operator the possibility of restoring feature name to its original text supported by NEOS. As per above example, restoring “Operator Services” to “Guest Services”.
  • Order Feature: A t this function language has no effect, once features are ordered in a specific sequence all languages will be affected with same sequence. Order supported by moving features UP/Down either using keyboard arrows, context menu clicking or by drag/drop selected feature at specified position.
Main Menu Management Tool
B. Categories Management Tool (TV / Movies / Music / Radio / News / Portal)

NEOS ITV Solution supports multiple features as Movies, music, Radio, internet and others. Such features arrange their data into a set of categories either as a kind of genre, description, or region. For example, Radio feature is categorized within a set of regions where a guest can select which IP radio wants to listen to, while music feature categorized by genre as “Rock & POP”, “Latin & Arabic World”, etc… In spite of the form of feature categorization, same set of functionalities are applied as assign functionality, Unassign functionality and order of categories.

  • Categories Management toolAssign Categories: Allow hotel/operator user to select a category provided by NEOS to be assigned and displayed over interface. The process of assign would open a new window including categories list which can be selected either by doubling clicking or by selecting a category and proceeding on “Assign Button” where an immediate display of category will be observed.
  • Unassign Feature: Function allows hotel/operator user to forbid selected category from being displayed on guest interface after either deleting items attached to it or moving them to a different category.
C. TV Management Tool

TV Management tool enables the management of TV channels using set of functionalities as:

  • New Channel: Gives the hotel/operator user the option to add a new channel with either its Station UDP address or Frequency.
  • Rename Channel : Alter name displayed with its frequency or station address
  • Assign a channel: A list of TV channels defined previously by NEOS will be viewed in front of hotel/operator user to select a channel and assign it.
  • Unassign Channel: Remove channel from being displayed, the channel configuration will be deleted.
  • Delete Channel: Differs from Unassign channel by permanent deletion of the channel name too.
  • Order channel: Move UP / Down for reordering , same functionality as per main menu Tool and Category Management Tool.
  • Move to: Allow hotel/operator user to move the selected channel to different category thus viewing it under the new category
  • Preview Channel: As shown per attached image, once correct configuration is accessed we start playing channel within TV Frame.
  • TV Management Tool
D. Music Management Tool

Majority of functionalities that are represented via music management tool serves Neos support requirements for direct response to hotel/operator requests. Such requests are assigning a music album, altering album name, altering Synopsis, adding a new music album, altering artist name, movement of selected album to a different music genre. However; the tool supports additional functionality that gives hotel/operator users the ability to ban and unban music albums, thus controlling which music albums to be shown and which albums to be hidden.

As per below figure, the transparent music albums will be hidden at guest interfaces while others are accessible.

TV Management Tool
E. Movies Management Tool

Movies management tool is also designed to manage background information. Its functionalities are fairly divided among NEOS support and hotel/operator users.

NEOS support functionalities

  • Alter Movie: A function that provides updating descriptive text of selected movie, as the changing movie title, synopsis, actors and duration.
  • Change Rating: Allow changing of movie rating certificate from a previously defined list.
  • Change Language: Allow changing of movie language from a previously defined list
  • Change Studio: Allow changing of movie studio from a previously defined list

Hotel/Operator Users Functionalities

  • Assign Movie: Allow hotel/operator user to assign a movie over given category.
  • Unassign Movie: Allow hotel/operator user to forbid movie from being displayed at guest interface. Note that such movie can be reassigned again.
  • Move To: Same functionality described at TV management Tool, allow hotel/operator user to move selected movie to a different category.
  • Play Trailer: Allow hotel/operator user to watch and test trailer before viewing such trailers to guest.
  • Order (Move Up/Down): Allow the ordering of movies either by selecting feature menu or using keyboard arrows.
Movies Management Tool
F. Radio Management Tool

Radio management tool allow simple direct functionalities divided into both NEOS support and hotel/operator users. Such functionalities summarized by change of radio station name, change of URL, Change of radio station region, change station content description, set radio station to down ( if radio URL is down), in addition to test URL feature which allow the testing of URL before being deployed at guest interface.

G. Guest Services Management Tool

Guest services tool gives the hotel/operator the ability of creating, altering and deleting descriptive information structured in the form of either page Text or page Link. Guest services page text represents a page that includes descriptive text about a service, an advertisement, or an event etc… While guest services page link represents a hierarchical flow of information for guests, as for example a parent page link named “Restaurants and bars”, followed with two page links siblings “Restaurants“ and “Bars”, that are later branched into a new level of links or a descriptive text.

Using such tool, hotel/operator user have full control of building guest services structure and the editing of their added information as services, advertisements, user guides, tourism guides in the forms of text, tables, or images.

Guest Services Management Tool as text editor tool provide the user with functionalities as text formatting (setting Bold/Italic/Underline), altering font family, and font size and font color. Other formatting structures are supported as the insertion of numbering, bullets, aligning text (left / center/right/Justify). Other than formatting, the user has ability of adding tables by specifying required count of rows and columns, in addition to image insertion and resizing.

Guest Services Management Tool
H. Reports & Diagnostics

Detailed usage reports are generated at monthly intervals to each host’s requirements. Prior period comparisons can highlight trends and periods when services are most popular, guiding programming and pricing decisions while giving hosts a detailed understanding of user preferences.

Administration tools allow real time information on check-in or room change, and enable user preferences, service charges and billing to be set from the front desk.
Diagnostic tools give a comprehensive over-view of the network, and provide a detailed report of component operational status to help identify problems.


WEV facilitates the efficient and effective production of the desired 'output'. Such solution is divided into the following parts:

  1. Main Menu Management Tool
  2. Categories Management Tool
  3. TV Management Tool
  4. Music Management Tool
  5. Movies Management Tool
  6. Radio Management Tool
  7. Guest Services Management Tool
  8. Reports & Diagnostics